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Green Crack - Feminized Seeds (S1)

Originally titled Green Cush, just Cush or Lillie Coy when it was released as a clone only, this mango/papaya smelling beauty its a '89 SSSC Skunk#1 crossed with a mysterious Californian Indica.

This strain is very easy to grow and barely need any attention from its grower, if vegged bit longer, will surprise with descent yield around 450-500g per square meter indoor. She like to be trimmed from the bottom "lollipopped" and pruned/topped to get best yield off her.

Green Crack also have a tendency to turn purple in colder temperatures making it really nice treat for Your eye, effects are very uplifting and energetic but dont be fooled this is strong weed !

Medical uses:

Stress and pain.


Green Crack


75% Sativa


Green Crack x Green Crack


49 - 55 Days


Mid September




THC 18.7%, THCV 0.9%, CBD 0.0%, CBG 0.6%, CBN 0.3%, CBC 0.7%


10 seeds: 59.00 euro - 79.00 usd - 50.00 gbp

5 seeds: 35.00 euro - 47.00 usd - 29.00 gbp

3 seeds: 24.00 euro - 32.00 usd - 20.00 gbp

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